If you want to stay infection-free while you heal, there’s no better option than our Cleaning Solutions. Take home new Cleaning Solutions today and keep looking great. Let us make you feel amazing following your piercing.

...We provide every customer with this solution completely free of charge!


Ensure hands are clean with antibacterial soap and water when touching your piercing.

After 24 hours, clean the piercing using a cotton bud and the cleaning solution provided.

Hold the jewellery to stop it moving whilst cleaning.

Place a few drops on the bud and wipe around the piercing to clean away and hardened lymph fluid which will build up around the piercing (this is normal whilst the piercing heals)

Follow these instructions once a day for a month or two weeks for ear lobes.

Do not be tempted to tighten an ear piercing stud if it is loose it will tighten once the piercing has settled.


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