For any questions or enquiries about ear piercing or healing, please feel free to drop in, call the studio, or use our contact form on the home page


You may use ibuprophen to reduce swelling if you are not allergic to it.

You may also use cold drinks with ice cubes or ice lollies to help reduce swelling. 

The day after your piercing  you may start using the mouth wash provided by your piercer after every time you eat, drink, smoke or sleep.

Brush gently two or three times a day with your normal toothpaste.

Where possible, avoid talking excessively for 48 hours.

Kissing or any other form of oral contact must be avoided for six weeks to allow the piercing to heal.

Your tongue will look swollen, be hard or painful to move and may feel burnt on the tip. There may be some white discharge under the tongue and it may also feel dry, these are all normal.

Check your piercing every few hours for the first few days for any changes in swelling. 

If you see it has swelled up more, noticed any colour changes or redness in two weeks time please contact your studio and piercer. 

Do not play with the piercing inside your mouth or on your teeth/lips, it will take longer to heal and cause problems with the heal.

Continue your mouth wash cleaning for one month, after that time you may be able to downsize the piercing to finish the healing, please contact your piercer for this.​Con

The piercing may take up to three months to heal and this is when you can change your jewellery to another stud of your choosing. We have plenty of new jewellery pieces in the studio for you to choose from.

If you need to change your jewellery or remove it before one month for any reason please drop into the studio and see us.