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Piercing Information

*Please note that the online deposit you pay today is to secure your appointment only and will be deducted from your final total. It is also non-refundable.

Pricing includes implant-grade, highly polished titanium jewellery from our classic range, sterile saline aftercare solution from NeilMed and aftercare information (which can also be found on the aftercare page) 

We have lots of implant-grade titanium and solid gold jewellery options which you can upgrade to during your appointment for an extra cost. Upgrades range from £10 - £100+ and our stock changes monthly so you can see what suits you a your budget when you come in.

*Our booking fees are non-refundable. Our appointments are limited and other customers may wish to book in sooner rather than later, therefore if you can no longer attend your appointment please contact alicia at the studio to rearrange your appointment. 48 hours notice is needed to move appointments, if that time passes or you miss your appointment you may need to rebook with another booking fee. If you book and pay a booking fee but cannot get pierced that day (i.e. the piercing you wanted isn't suitable for your anatomy) we can fully refund your booking fee or you can choose another piercing to get.

*Age requirements - It is 8+ for ear lobes and childrens lobes, 14+, 16+ or 18+ for all other piercings. Restrictions for each piercing can be found on each service when booking. Please remember, customers who are under the age of 18, for any piercing will need a parent of guardian present at time of piercing.

We cannot accept other family members to sign for the person under 18 as it will invalidate our insurance. Those who fail to attend their appointment without a parent of guardian will be asked to reschedule to a time when a parent or guardian can be present and will forfeit their booking fee. 

*You must not go swimming 1 month after having your piercing. There is alot of bacteria in still water and introducing that into a fresh piercing will not help in the healing process and can lead to infections and irritated piercings. Please plan your piercing appointments around any swimming sessions if you need to keep up with them and please inform us if you have any issues with your piercing.

*If you have an assistance dog we are very happy to accommodate you and request that you book an appointment at the end of the day, this is because we need to thoroughly deep clean the studio after you and your dogs visit in order to keep our clients safe. thank you so much for understanding!

*Please do not apply any numbing creams or sprays to the area you wish to have pierced as we cant pierce any tissue which has been numbed. We promise to make your piercing as comfortable and quick as possible. 

*We cannot pierce anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding as your body is doing a very important job and adding healing a piercing to the mix can cause problems. We recommend you wait until at least 6 weeks after finishing breastfeeding before getting a piercing.

*If you have any queries regarding your booking or the booking process please feel free to contact alicia directly -

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