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Age and ID policies

ID requirements

Government  issued ID is required for your appointment at Inspirations. Failure to present the original document in person when requested will lead to a refusal of service. We cannot pierce without proof of identity and the pre-paid piercing deposit will be retained by Inspirations.

We are very strict on ID as it is an important safeguarding procedure to protect minors, this is for the benefit of yourself or your child. 

We have to follow the guidlines of our insurance policy and they are the ones who set our age restrictions and ID requirements.

Accepted ID includes - Passport, driving licence, provisional licence or valid uk citizenship card.

We do not accept - library cards, school ID cards, bus passes etc. 

If in doubt about whether we will accept your ID please contact us in advance of booking. 

We explicity do not accept photographs, videos, photocopies or video calls of your ID. You must have the original document in your hand at your appointment. 

under 18's

Any client under the age of 18 must bring their own ID, plus a parent or legal guardian must be present also with their own ID

If your child does not have any photographic ID, we cannot pierce them so please ensure they have ID in time for their appointment. This two-item ID requirement is needed as you must prove you are the parent or legal guardian in order to legally consent for them to be pierced. 

If you or your child do not share a surname, you must bring a third form of ID such as a birth certificate with your name on it to validate your relationship. 

Over 18's

Adults over 18 must bring their own ID

You do not need to bring a parent or legal guardian to sign for you but you must bring your own valid ID.

Age policies

The following piercings are available to the following age groups. Any piercing services are also available to people older than the listed age. 

Please note that we do not bend these age policies under any circumstances - please do not ask us to do so.

Ages 8 and over (with ID for parent and child)

  • ear lobe piercings

Ages 14 and over (with ID for parent and child)

  • ear cartilage piercings

  • nose piercings 

  • navel piercings

Ages 16 and over (with ID for parent and child)

  • lip piercings

  • bridge piercings

  • eyebrow piercings

Ages 18 and over (with ID for the client)

  • Nipple piercings

  • microdermal piercings

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