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For all piercings or healing enquiries regarding your microdermal anchor please feel free to contact the studio via the info or contact form on our home page

Microdermal Anchor

Remove the provided dressing after 24 hours, do not be tempted to remove before that even if you see some blood showing on the dressing, this is normal. 

Around an hour before bed spray some aftercare solution directly on to the dermal anchor. Do not spray too much, one spray will be enough. Dry the area with non-woven gauze but do not force it under the head of the dermal.
Continue this process once a day for one month.  It is recommended to wear a disposable adhesive plaster firmly over your piercing for when you're in bed to avoid catching it in your sleep. Be very careful when applying and removing the plaster.
The dermal can take around six to eight months to fully heal. 
There will be some build-ups of crust around the dermal, these can be removed with non-flavoured/non-scented floss and you can use a floss stick to help with this. Please be incredibly gentle when removing build-ups.
If you forget to clean it one day do not try and catch up the next day, just carry on with your normal once a day cleaning, even if you forget a few times, too little cleaning is alot better than too much.

Microdermals are prone to reject. Almost all of them will but it does depend on your body and how well it is taken care of. Some have been known to last a few months and some over ten years.
The first three months are the most important, your skin and body are adjusting to what is essentially a foreign object inside your skin. It is also a time where you are getting used to having it and trying to avoid catching it.
Breathable plasters are again fine to use if you feel like you may catch it at certain times, but please do not leave a plaster on it all the time. 
If rejection does occur then we shall remove your microdermal. It may leave behind a small scar so please be aware of this. You can always get the microdermal in the same area but the scar must be at least a year old for us to avoid causing more damage. Where possible we can add a new dermal close to the scar rather than on top of it.
If you are ever worried about rejection or anything regarding your microdermals healing please contact the studio.


Do use ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling
Do no go swimming in pools or the sea for a total of two months.
Do contact your piercer if you are worried about your piercing.


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