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For all healing enquiries regarding your silicone disc please feel free to contact alicia via the studio - 0113 2525111 or contact form on our home page

Please also keep up with your check up appointments to ensure perfect healing

The disc must lie gently and directly on the area. If it feels tight let your piercer know.

Too much pressure will compromise circulation and will cause discomfort resulting in the bump not healing. 

Main thing to remember is do not rush! wear the disc until the bump has completely gone, approximately 3-4 weeks. Sometimes it can look like the bump has completely gone after a week or two, do not be fooled by this as it can come back if not worn for the full amount of time. After 4 weeks, and if it looks healed (ie, no bump or redness), wear it for a few extra days and then speak to your piercer about removing the disc.

Everyones healing time is different, 4 weeks is just the minimum it needs to be worn.

If you are still in the healing process of the piercing, do not over clean. The cleaning solution is fine to clean around the disc but do not force the tissue, non-woven gauze or non-flavoured floss under the ball or back of the disc/jewellery.

If the piercing is over 8 months old do not be tempted to use the cleaning solution, water will be fine to clean around the disc once a week. Again, not forcing anything under the disc. 

Do not over clean! Less cleaning is better than more. Please make sure to dry the area where you have cleaned with the solution or water with a fresh tissue, do not force it under the disc. As the bump heals it will fall away as dead skin, just wipe it away from under the disc, if the area allows, with non-flavoured plain floss, a floss stick can help. Again, only doing this once a week.

As the bump heals there will be more room on the bar, if your piercer has not scheduled in a check up appointment for you please contact the studio as the bump must be checked once a week unless told otherwise. If left unchecked, as the bump recedes, more bar will be seen and the disc will no longer but touching the bump, constant contact between disc and bump must continue for healing so a shorter bar or more discs will be needed. The disc will be doing nothing to aid healing the bump if it isn't in contact with it. 

If there are any changes like added crust around the disc, blood or anything which you may be concerned about, please contact the studio. Do not attempt to remove the disc yourself especially on a piercing which is still healing. 

Any problems or issues please contact alicia

0113 2525111

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