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Available Jewellery

Our jewellery is constantly updated with new pieces, for a more accurate look at what we have in the studio please feel free to drop in.
Jewellery from UKAPP verified vendors are posted on Alicia's piercing instagram page when they come into the studio. 
Follow the link below to Alicia's instagram highlights


If you require a specific piece we don't have in stock but you have seen on the vendors sites below, please let us know so we can order it in for you.
You may be asked to drop into the studio to leave a deposit before ordering as well as perform an anatomy check to see if the piece you'd like will be suitable for your anatomy. 

Our solid gold stockists include:

For any gold ordering you will need to leave a deposit.
Please contact Alicia via her piercing instagram for info on pricing and ordering.

Our Titanium stockists include:

Please contact Alicia via her piercing instagram if you wish to order a specific titanium piece. Deposits are required when ordering specific pieces.

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