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For any questions or enquiries about your navel piercing or healing, please feel free to drop in, call the studio, or use our contact form on the home page

Navel Piercings

You may remove the dressing applied after 24 hours, do not remove it sooner, even if a small amount of blood can be seen from the outside of the dressing.

After removing the dressing, get in the shower. Let the water run over the piercing for around ten minutes, do not aim the shower head directly onto the fresh piercing.

Gently pat the area dry with a clean towel, being careful not to catch or pull the jewellery.

Around an hour before you go to bed take your cleaning solution and spray the area of your piercing, do not use too much as that bottle needs to last a month, one good spray on the top part, one of the bottom is fine, if you hold it further from your body before you spray,you can cover both top and bottom parts with one go. Pat the area dry with a piece of non-woven gauze, you can pat inside the navel with a small folded piece but do not force it under the jewellery.

Thats it! You do not need to move the jewellery at all, moving or twisting your jewellery can damage the healing cells inside the piercing and lead to a longer healing time or irritation bumps. 

Your piercing can take anywhere from eight to twelve months to fully heal depending on movement of the navel and your bodies natural healing. If you wish to change your jewellery you can do so after six months depending on how the healing is going but you must contact your piercer for this. you can upgrade your jewellery and we have a range of titanium upgrades in which are safe for continued healing. 

If you wear high wasted jeans please discontinue use until at least the eight month mark if healing is going well. Any pressure on the piercing will just prolong the healing time and can lead to piercing migrating. 

Leggings are fine to wear but when seated please make sure they are not pushing your navel in any way, usually rolling them down helps with this. Please try to not lean or slouch over the navel piercing as this adds to the pressure and will lead to prolonged healing times. Leaning slightly back where possible can help with this

If you are doing any exercise you can apply the dressings provided, do not use regular plasters as they are too harsh for the skin around the piercing and can cause irritation.



Do not submerge the piercing in water, this includes, bathing, swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea. There is alot of bacteria in still water, if this comes into contact with your piercing it can lead to infection and irritation of the piercing area. If this is unavoidable then please ensure you shower immediately after being in still water and this can help clear some of the bacteria from the area. Make sure you dry the area thoroughly using non-woven gauze. If any problems arise please contact the studio. 

Do not touch your piercing or be tempted to change it yourself before the suggested healing time. Common complaints are soreness and this can be down to changing the jewellery to a lesser quality piece bought elsewhere, touching the piercings or over cleaning the area. 

If you are worried about your piercing during the healing process please contact alicia - 0113 2525111

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