For any questions or enquiries about ear piercing or healing, please feel free to drop in, call the studio, or use our contact form on the home page


You may remove the dressing applied after 24 hours, do not remove it sooner, even if a small amount of blood can be seen from the outside of the dressing.

Remove the dressing the next morning and get in the shower. Let the water run over the piercing for around ten minutes (ten minutes each if you have two), do not aim the shower head directly onto the fresh piercing.

Gently pat the area dry with a clean towel, being careful not to catch or pull the jewellery.

Make sure your hands have been washed with anti-bacterial soap and water before touching your piercing. You should only need to touch your piercing when moving the bar whilst cleaning.


Take a cotton bud and apply a couple of drops of the cleaning solution provided to one end. Gently move your bar over to one side (if you can see the bar already then there is no need to do this) and clean once around one side of the piercing, DO NOT force the cotton bud under the ball of the stud.

Apply two more drops to the other side of the bud and repeat the cleaning to the other side of your piercing. 

Repeat these steps with another clean cotton bud if you have two nipple piercings to clean.


After a couple of days there may be bruising to the area around the piercing due to the clamps or discoloration to the skin from the anaesthetic, both of which are normal.  

If you are doing any exercise you can apply the dressings provided, do not use regular plasters as they are too harsh for the skin around the piercing and can cause irritation. 

Do not go swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea until your piercing is fully healed as this can lead to infection.

Your piercing can be downsized after one month until healing is complete. Your piercing will take around three months to heal fully, at that time you can change the jewellery to a stud or ring of your choice. We have plenty of new jewellery in the studio if you would like to drop in and take a look. 

Please feel free to contact us by dropping into the studio, calling the shop or using the contact form on the home page.