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Tattoo Aftercare

You may remove the dressing after an hour, or a little longer if you're not going home straight from the studio, and submerge it in still, warm water for ten minutes. You can also hold it under the shower head if that is easier or if its in an area not easily submerged in a bath or sink. 


Gently wash your tattoo with your hands under the water, no soap, and pat dry with a clean towel, after today you do not want to be submerging your tattoo in still water. You may take showers only as running water is fine,  unless your able to keep your tattoo out of the bath.

Apply a small amount of our recommended aftercare cream 'Hustle Butter', which can be purchased from the studio, to the tattoo for three days from the third day and then switch to natural coconut oil, for the rest of the two weeks healing time. Cocoa butter is also fine as long as it is natural. You only need a thin layer of these aftercare creams so please do not use alot, just enough to cover the tattoo and rub in gently. 

Gently wash the tattoo with non-scented, non-perfumed soap and water, or the 'Simple' brand of cleansing wipes before applying the aftercare creams. 


Do not pick or scratch your tattoo, it will itch for a few days whilst healing, and you can pick ink out if it is scratched.

Do not contaminate the tattooed area with dirt, grease, paint etc.

Do not allow your tattoo to be in the sun for a long period of time or get sun burnt.

Do not submerge your tattoo in still water whilst bathing or hold it under water during showering for too long after the first 24 hours. 

Do shower normally, you can get your tattoo wet with running water. 

Do contact your tattoo artist, or the studio if you are worried about anything to do with your tattoo or your tattoo healing, it is what we are here for. 

Please feel free to contact the studio or drop in during studio hours.

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